Fredy Salazar Quispe

I was born in the central part of the Andes of Peru, a place called Junin, a small village of valleys and pampas (plateaus), where the climate is very cold. I am from Mestizo parents; my father David Salazar, natural of the Andes (Yauyos) and my mother Visitacion Quispe, natural of the Andes (Tarma).I owe my interest in music to my father, as he was a musician who played the saxophone, which was the first instrument I was exposed to as a child.

The first years of my life I spent in the Andes, then my parents took me to the capital; my musical experiences began at the age of 13, and I finished my studies there. During that time, I met and played music with many talented musicians.
I had the opportunity to travel to different parts of my country. I participated in many musical events at schools, colleges and universities. I also learned the traditional dances of Peru. I spent many years learning and admiring the culture of my ancestors, the Incas. Because of the political upheaval in my country, I decided to persue and develop my music somewhere else…destiny brought me here to the United States. My instruments of choice, the ones I carry in my soul, are the wind instruments “Zamponas” and “Quenas”. I also play Guitar, Charango and various percussion. I will continue to play, and thereby preserve the music of my ancestors.

David Salazar Quispe

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