David Salazar Quispe

I was born in the mountains of Junin, Peru. This is where I finished my studies. I received from my parents and relatives, the cultural and ancestral musical identity that is so much a part of my life. My instruments of choice are percussion of many varieties, and the drum set. I also enjoy the sweet sounds and beautiful melodies of the Zamponas and Quenas, along with the rhythms of the Bombo (drum). Together, these are the sounds of music from my homeland in the Andes, which makes us proud and fills us with satisfaction.

I have participated in different musical groups, spreading traditional music of the three regions of my country; the coast, mountains and jungle. I have three children. They enjoy music and dance and they are performing at school on the Instruments from our country. I will continue to support their passion for music, as my parents did for me.

I came to California in 1998, and as a professional, I am in the best moments of my life. We take pride in doing all the technical and musical details ourselves, ensuring a successful performance every time. I am grateful to my family, who supports my musical career, and I see them every time I return to Peru. I offer thanks to God for giving me this musical talent. With all my heart, David.


Juan Salazar Quispe


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