Juan Salazar Quispe

I was born in Lima, Peru. This is where I finished all my studies. I’ve enjoyed music since my early childhood; my grandparents were musicians and my father was too. I loved to listen to him play the saxophone at home. I also enjoyed to watch my sister Elvira and my brother Moises perform traditional dances from Peru. Therefore, I realized I was growing up in a family of artists, and I was acquiring a great passion for the music.

At 12 years old, I learned how to play the Zampoña and after that, the Quena. I became anxious to create more music, which drove me to learn the string instruments; Mandolin, Guitar, Violin, Bass and the Charango.

Later, I studied music at The Museum of The Arts in Peru, acquiring more consciousness about the musical culture of my country, it’s value. the responsibility to preserve the many traditional melodies and rhythms of our culture, that would otherwise be lost. Thus, I begun to play in different Andes music groups in my country, and started to participate in music events at schools, colleges, universities and theaters.

At 21 years old, I left Peru to join my brothers in spreading the sounds of music of my culture to the world. The music we play comes from our heart and soul, and we hope to offer a moment of peace and tranquility to all who listen. Above all, I thank God for everything he has giving me. Sincerely, Juan.

Moises Salazar Quispe


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