Moises Salazar Quispe

I was born in Junin, Peru. I grew up and I was educated in Lima. I began playing instruments at the age of 12. My father, who was also a musician, taught me how to play the clarinet. My grandfather was a musician as well. At the age of 17, I began learning how to dance traditional dances of Peru; in this way, participating in many festivities around my country.

My love for the music and dance of Peru, and for my ancestors, the Incas, has given me the passion and the ability to share this art, that is so beautiful and rich in culture.

Since first coming to the U.S.A., I have worked with different groups. Unfortunately, many of them only thought of making money; in this way, these groups have destroyed the authenticity of the Andean groups.

Tiring of this musical monopoly, my brother Fredy and I decided to bring back to life, the group “Huayllipacha”, having it’s roots in Peru. This way, we can bring the message of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) to ensure the preservation of this beautiful art. It is only to see the past destroyed, that we can create a consciousness for the present, that strives for union and peace among all of our brothers and sisters, in order to realize a better future.

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