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The online home for Huayllipacha (why-lee-pacha) which means “Singing to the Earth”. Huayllipacha is a musical group from Peru and we perform a blend of traditional and contemporary Andean music. We are dedicated to maintain our musical culture and share the beautiful and mystical sounds that come from South America.



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    Fortuna Concert 2018

    7:30 PM -9:30 PM
    Fortuna Concert 2018
    610 Main Street in Fortuna, CA

    In collaboration with Fortuna Concert Series, Huaylipacha will be giving a unique intimate concert at the The Monday Club, owned by the city of Fortuna. This warm and inviting building was designed with the express purpose of providing entertainment in a comfortable, yet charming setting. The intimate stage, combined with the closeness of the audience, provides a unique atmosphere — many have compared the Monday Club to the small European theaters of Shakespeare’s day.
    Individual ticket prices are $10 General Admission.
    Individual concert tickets are not available for presale.

    For general information email fortunaconcert@live.com (link sends e-mail) or call Simon Rios at 707-845-5652

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